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We are building a climate safe future for all by supporting existing and emerging racially and culturally diverse climate  solutions leaders.



The Multicultural Leadership Initiative (MLI) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation that identifies gaps and grows solutions to enable racially, culturally and linguistically diverse people to participate in building a climate safe future. 


The majority of the world's population represents greater racial and cultural diversity than what the current climate leadership is reflecting in government, business and the civil sector.  Recognising the urgency with which we must act on climate change, MLI identifies and rapidly scales up  these underrepresented voices to become key advocates for evidence-based climate policy that recognises the realities of our multicultural world.

Climate action is not the single domain or responsibility of one  part of society. Building a climate safe future requires all of us to be involved. To this end, MLI works in a non-partisan way to support the acceleration and growth of emerging and current community, business and political leaders who wish to take on a more active leadership role in building climate solutions.


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