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At MLI, we take an evidence-based and pragmatic approach to our work. Our dedicated team have skills, knowledge and experience across multiple sectors. Each of our staff and most of our board and advisory group have been successful founders in their own right at some point in their careers. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that makes MLI unique and it is this very culture and mindset that we carry into our programs. At any one time MLI is involved in a multitude of initiatives either as a background partner, incubator, accelerator, co-pilot or a leading partner. We also run a number of standalone programs. Broadly our work falls into three focus areas: 

Partnerships that cultivate the creation of new spaces to grow climate solutions and build a climate safe future for all. 

Leadership that builds the skills, knowledge, innovation, creativity and discipline of participants to create and grow their climate solutions.

Capacity development of groups and organisations to win on climate solutions and increase cross-cultural literacy.




We would like to thank all the participants and sponsors of the inaugural Climate Justice Gathering and our organising partners Democracy in Colour,  Tomorrow Movement and the Sydney Alliance. It was the first of its kind in Australia, bringing together First Nations, Pasifika, People of Colour and Diaspora climate leaders to share, learn and explore what collaboration and co-creation amongst our groups could look like. Details on the 2023 gathering will be released later this year. 


MLI has partnered with peak multicultural body FECCA to undertake a landmark research project looking into the attitudes and perspectives of multicultural communities. Numerous community consultations are being held in early 2023 both in person and virtually. 

If you haven't added your voice yet, you can complete the online survey here.


In 2023 we will be launching the MLI Global Leadership Fellowship. This will be an opportunity to learn from First Nations, People of Colour and Diaspora climate leaders from around the world.  Expressions of Interest will be open later this year.

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In 2023 we will be launching the MLI Youth Leadership Program. This will be an opportunity to for under 25's to network and learn from each other as well as from climate solutions leaders across political, industry and civil society. To receive updates for when the Expressions of Interest will be open please register your email below.






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The MLI are constantly scanning for new and emerging climate groups led by racially or culturally diverse people. If you are currently leading and existing multicultural or community specific organisation or are thinking about starting a new group send us a email and lets have a conversation on how we can best support you.  We are also always You can email us via our contacts page.

In 2023 we will be offering a suite of trainings on how to better equip your organisation to design and deliver strategies that empower your workforce confidence in their climate and advocacy work with multicultural communities. To receive updates for when the registrations open and to receive details of the training and training dates, please enter your email below.

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